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About E3B

E3B ( was founded in 2001 by Michael Böhmer and is located in Garching / München. The company entered the Amiga market with a completely new series of controller cards which allowed usage of USB on Amiga Classic machines for the first time ever. The first card of this series, the SUBWAY, was presented on the Amiga trade show in Cologne 2001 to the public.
As second product the HIGHWAY Zorro II USB controller was developed on urgent user demands and put to production. This USB card did set standards for all other USB solutions on the Amiga - and was for quite some time the only available USB solution for Zorro equipped Amigas.
As result of a poll the 10MBit ethernet module NORWAY was developed as addon module for the HIGHWAY. Offering a good ratio between price and merits it saves one valuable Zorro slot compared against other available networking solutions.

These products were developed in tight cooperation with KDH Datentechnik. By chosing this business partner E3B was able to offer a very good service and product availability to customers all over the world.

E3B supported from the very beginning the upcoming (and in these times, completely unknown) USB stack Poseidon from Chris Hodges. Poseidon entered the market together with the SUBWAY as a newbie - nowadays almost every USB card on the Amiga uses this marvelous stack. Even our competitors have changed to Poseidon, dropping support for their own, never released stacks. Moreover, E3B USB products ship with a full OEM license without additional costs - a service which is usually not supplied by other hardware manufacturers and resellers.
Poseidon was elected for the Amiga Award 2002 (software), letting other competitors far behind.
E3B is proud to offer its customers such a well-done USB stack like Poseidon.

After the HIGHWAY was sold out the successor ALGOR was presented to the Amiga community and successfully introduced in the market in 2003. Press opinions and user reviews of our customers show clearly: a dignified successor was made.
With introduction of ALGOR and the now available FlashROM module ROMulus E3B has again set standards on the markets other competitors now try to follow. By close cooperation with Hyperion ALGOR and ROMulus offer the possibility to include Kickstart OS4 for Amiga Classic PPC in its ROM - we are ready for the future.

As pioneer on this market segment products and developments of E3B offer outstanding solutions. All products of E3B are manufactured in high quality exclusively in Germany.
Next to Amiga products E3B offers a wide variety of services like hardware design and complex, application optimized logic designs using FPGAs, CPLDs and microcontroller technique.

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