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02.05.2011 New DENEB firmware V11
Unfortunately the beta testing phase for the current firmware update has taken longer than expected. Anyhow we can present now a new free firmware upgrade for all our customers with the DENEB USB2.0 controller card.
We provide with that firmware a workaround for a recently discovered Buster 11 bug, which should enable DENEB DMA operation under certain hardware configurations.
17.06.2010 Website updated
After long time passing we finally could update our website. There is a new installation guide for the Delfina clockport card (manufactured by individual computers) on DENEB, as well as many new entries in our FAQ.
30.10.2008 New DENEB production run
Due to the (unexpected high) demand for the first DENEB cards E3B is pleased to announce a new production run of this unique USB controller card. New cards are in delivery to dealers and should be available within a few days.
Besides full support of USB2.0 and all available Zorro bus standards (Zorro III DMA and PIO, Zorro II, Fast Zorro II) the DENEB offers 4MB FlashROM and a seamless integration into the Amiga operating system.
The new DENEB cards are shipped with a fully OEM licensed version of the well known USB stack Poseidon inside the FlashROM. There are no further licensing costs for users of DENEB.
Details and specifications can be found on the product page.
13.04.2008 New USB controller series in production
E3B is pleased to announce a new USB controller for Amiga Classic after a long period of research: the DENEB USB2 controller supports Zorro III and Zorro II Amigas. As native 32bit card it allows to utilize the highspeed mode of USB2 even on Zorro II busses. On Zorro III systems operation as full featured busmaster is possible. With these excellent technical specifications data transfer rates are reached which lay considerably higher than any other USB2 solution for the Amiga Classic.
The DENEB USB 2.0 Zorro II/III card gives your computer the highest USB speeds available today.
Together with a 4MB sized FlashROM (ready to store the USB stack Poseidon, which is exclusively bundled in the latest V4.0 version as full OEM license) the DENEB presents a tailor made and high performant USB2 solution for connecting all kind of USB2 highspeed devices like USB harddisks.
Details and specifications can be found on the product page.
30.04.2006 New SUBWAY controllers shipping!
E3B is proud to announce the availability of a new series of SUBWAY USB controllers for the Amiga 1200 clockports (and compatible ones found on Zorro cards).
As compared with previous versions some changes had to be applied
For details please check our press release.
Press release
17.08.2005 New production run of SUBWAY
Due to numerous requests E3B is getting a (possibly last) batch of SUBWAY controllers produced.
For details please check our press release.
Press release
25.09.2004 E3B and individual Computers join forces
With the soon starting reproduction of the famous USB clockport controller SUBWAY E3B and individual computers are joining their efforts for the Amiga Classic hardware platform.
For details please check our press release.
Press release
12.08.2004 ALGOR PRO is shipping
Due to some personal problems with health the delivery of the new ALGOR PRO had to bne delayed for some days. From today all dealers with pending requests will be delivered with the new star of E3B USB technologies.

E3B is sorry for any inconveniences arising from this delay.

26.07.2004 New ALGOR PRO available
Even good products can still be made better - the new series of ALGOR has been improved regarding FlashROM capabilities. E3B is delivering the ALGOR PRO series with a new FlashROM doubled in capacity to 1MB of memory.
Due to our flexible PCB layout no additional costs arose during production, and E3B is forwarding this advantage fully to its customers.

For detailed information please check the ALGOR PRO product page and the press release.

Press release
23.07.2004 Comparison of FlashROM solutions in the AMIGAplus
The AMIGAplus magazine offers a complete review and comparison of all available FlashROM solutions in its issue 07-08/2004 (#149).
We are proud to report that both first and second place in the ranking could be taken by the E3B products: ALGOR (PRO) made the first place with a full score of (6/6) points, while our ROMulus module achieved the second place with almost full score (5,5/6).

This article is a recommended literature for all people interested in acquiring a FlashROM solution, as not only hardware aspects, but also the delivered software for operating the cards was tested intensively. Regarding this point our E3B solutions did clearly outperform our competitors' software - the result of the tests points out that all other solutions were clearly declassed in this point.
Moreover the operation of the cards was tested in allday situations.

19.10.2003 OASE 2003 - E3B takes part
E3B will be present again at OASE 2003 in Graz.
Unfortunately Chris Hodges won't be able to participate due to universitary constraints.
For all visitors we offer this year some special deals: all HIGHWAY users can get an "online" upgrade of their HIGHWAY card with the expansion module ROMulus - the upgrade will be made live at the OASE show, so you won't have to ship the card in for upgrade.
Moreover, a special bundle of the FlashROM module ROMulus and the network module NORWAY is available - so within only one Zorro slot, you can gather a powerful USB controller, 512kB FlashROM and 10MBit networking functionality.

Please take a look at the ROMulus and NORWAY product pages for details.

19.10.2003 ALGOR production running again
Due to the high number of requests for our USB controller ALGOR a second production run has been started right now. We apologize for any unconvenience caused by long delivery times. We expect that after OASE 2003 in Graz our most powerful USB controller will be available again in appropriate numbers.
10.08.2003 Major update for ALGOR / ROMulus FlashROM
A major update is for all registered users of ALGOR and ROMulus modules is available. Please check our press release for details of this free update.
Press release
27.07.2003 SUBWAY available again !
As many customers asked for it, E3B has started the production of the well known USB controller SUBWAY in small quantities. First boards are available. Everyone who intends to get one of the SUBWAY USB controllers should be fast now.
Orders can be placed directly at E3B (Germany and EU countries, payment by bank transfer); ordering over our known distribution partners is also possible, of course.

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