These pages are not being maintained any more. They are intended as archive for users of our hardware.

We need your help

The USB device market has grown considerable. There are literally ten thousands of devices out there, many of them in different revisions regarding firmware and hardware. Many of them carry different brand names but are internally the same devices.

We can't get each USB device for testing. That's impossible.

So we need your help. It's easy: just send as a list of devices you have connected to your HIGHWAY or SUBWAY board, with a small comment if it is working or not. By this our list will grow and help other users deciding if a certain USB device is worth buying or not.

All you have to do is entering

psddevlister > ram:deviceA.txt
echo "DeviceA brandname - works / works not" >> ram:deviceA.txt
and send us this file by eMail (please replace "deviceA" by the name of device :).

A hint for all users who prefer using the mouse and have already installed the new Poseidon V3.x: within the GUI Trident there are two functions for generating exactly these report files.
For further details, please take a look into the AmigaGuide manual of Poseidon.

Supported devices

In general, most USB devices are electrically compatible to the HIGHWAY / SUBWAY boards. All USB devices are enumerated in the same way, so they will show up in Poseidons psdDevLister or Trident GUI.
If a device is supported or not by Poseidon class drivers depends heavily if the device keeps the standard it claims to be built after. Especially flash card readers often differ here. If you encounter problems with devices which get a class binding but fail to work, please contact us on this issue.


Allmost all should work.
If you have a hub with integrated peripherials (serial, PS/2, parallel) almost sure only the parallel port will work as printer interface.

Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
USB Hub Hama 1105 8262 works 4 ports self powered
eMedia Cypress 1204 257 works integrated keyboard hub, 2 ports, buspowered
Typhoon Cypress 1204 25952 works USB2.0 hub
Atmel Hub Atmel 1003 13074 works HW / SW root hub
Asound Hub Atmel Coorp. 1003 13057 works self powered
macally hub Alcor 1423 37395 works integrated keyboard hub, buspowered
Apple hub Mitsumi 1452 4098 works integrated keyboard hub, buspowered
Texas Instruments Hub 1105 5190 works selfpowered
Texas Instruments Hub 1105 8262 works ---
Hub Texas Instruments 1105 8246 works monitor LG1810B
Hub Texas Instruments 1105 8292 works ---
Hub Philips Semiconductors 1228 4386 works ---
Hub ??? 4195 5461 works ---
Hub NEC 1033 21931 works ---
Ilyama Monitor Hub Ilyama 1249 513 works TFT monitor integrated hub
LG Monitor Hub LG 1986 17085 works TFT monitor integrated hub
D Link hub Genesys Logic 1507 1540 works self powered
Standard USB Hub Atmel 1003 13057 problems not USB compliant


All keyboards which support bootkeyboard mode are expected to work. If your USB keyboard fails then most probably it doesn't support bootkeyboard protocol anymore.
In this case please use the new HID class driver.

Please read the Poseidon manual entry for the hid.class carefully !

Known problems: only standard keys are supported at the moment, fancy features like extra keys (labeled: "Shopping", "Money", "Web", ...) will have to wait for the HID class driver.

Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
macally Keyboard Alcor 1547 1 works integrated hub
eMedia Keyboard Cypress 1204 258 works integrated hub
LogiTech keyboard Logitech 1133 50436 works wireless RF
Cordless iTouch / MM Logitech 1133 50435 works wireless RF
LogiTech keyboard Logitech 1133 49921 works ---
LogiTech keyboard Logitech 1133 49928 works scroll wheel
Natural Keyboard Pro Microsoft 1118 29 works ---
Extended USB keyboard Mitsumi 1452 517 works integrated hub
USB keyboard Tangtop 3389 1 works ---
Saitek PCDash2 Saitek 1699 1490 works famous thingy from ARC2002


All mice supporting bootmouse mode are expected to work. Don't expect us to test all 98562 different models / brands of mice. If your mouse ceases to work then it will support only HID mode.
Solution for this problem is HID class.

Known problems: only three buttons and two movement axis are supported at the moment. Same hint as for keyboards applies here :)

Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
USB Mouse Genesys 1507 1 works ---
IBM Optical MOO9BO IBM 1203 12549 works ---
USB Mouse Cypress 1204 1 works ---
USB Optical Mouse A4Tech 2522 6 works optical
Cordless Optical Wheel Mouse CREATIV 1049 1 works optical
Saitek USB Mouse Cypress 1534 5 works optical
SM 100 XL MS Tech 1578 0 works optical / wireless
Qware Mouse Cypress 1534 17 works optical
Lifetec Mouse Cypress 1534 17 works optical / wireless
PS2/USB Combo mouse Cypress 1534 17 works ---
Memorex MX4350RF Cypress 1534 17 works optical, wireless, 5 buttons
USB wireless mouse Dexin 1204 25456 works optical / wireless
USB Mouse Novatek 1539 26737 works ---
USB Mouse Primax 1121 1089 works wheel
Cordless Optical Mouse MX700 Logitech 1133 50438 works optical / wireless
LogiTech Mouse Logitech 1133 50436 works wireless RF
Cordless Trackman FX Logitech 1133 50433 works wireless RF
USB Trackball Logitech 1133 50184 works ---
USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse Logitech 1133 49188 works optical
Logitech Mouse Logitech 1133 49153 works ---
Logitech Mouse Logitech 1133 49154 works USB / PS/2
Logitech Mouse Logitech 1133 49166 works ---
Logitech Mouse Logitech 1133 49164 works ---
Logitech Mouse Logitech 1133 49170 works ---
Trackball Logitech 1133 50178 works ---
Apple mouse Fujitsu 1452 770 works ---
Apple mouse Fujitsu 1452 774 works optical
IntelliMouse Optical MicroSoft 1118 41 works ---
IntelliMouse / IntelliEye MicroSoft 1118 64 works ---
IntelliMouse / IntelliEye MicroSoft 1118 37 works reset problems
USB mouse Tangtop 3389 1 works ---
Aiptek tablet Aiptek 2250 33 works ---
WaCom tablet Wacom 1386 16 problems instable
WaCom tablet Wacom 1386 17 problems instable
APT-6000U Aiptek 2250 32 problems timing problem
Eleminator GamePad Pro Gravis 1149 16389 no driver HID class only


USB printers usually have a standard bidirectional or IEEE1284 interface behind the USB connector. These interfaces are standardized, so communication between the usbparallel.device and the printer itself should not be a problem.
If you encounter any problems with printers, please contact us. We also are interested if you should come across a printer working after IEEE1284 standard.

To get your printer really working you must have a driver for it.
We suggest using TurboPrint for this task. Many USB printers with both parallel and USB connector will work with standard printer drivers from TurboPrint already.

Please contact TurboPrint people directly in case you don't find a suitable printer driver.

Known problems: Epson printer with parallel and USB connector sometimes need a special control sequence to enable USB communication. If your Epson USB printer doesn't work or you get scrambled characters at the beginning of the page please contact us.

Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
IEEE-1284 Controller Prolific 1659 8965 works USB printer cable
USB Parallel Kouwell 2098 22608 works USB printer cable
S400 Canon 1193 4188 works ink
S500 Canon 1193 4194 works ink
i550 Canon 1193 4211 works ink
S750 Canon 1193 ??? works ink
S800 Canon 1193 4190 works ink
S900 Canon 1193 4199 works ink
BJC6200 Canon 1193 4179 works ink
BJC2100 Canon 1193 4182 works ink
C40S Epson 1208 5 works ink
C62 Epson 1208 5 works ink
C80 Epson 1208 5 works ink
740 Epson 1208 1 works ink
760 Epson 1208 42 works ink
Stylus Photo 1290 Epson 1208 5 works ink
DeskJet 882c HP 1008 260 works ink
DeskJet 930C HP 1008 4612 works ink
LaserJet 1200 HP 1008 791 works laser
photosmart 320 HP 1008 16386 works ink
photosmart 7350 HP 1008 15362 works ink
PCS 950 HP 1008 7697 works multifunction device
DocuPrint P1210 Xerox 2340 65528 works laser

Mass storage devices

This class is meant for devices like flash card readers, ZIPs, harddisks, CDROMs and some modern DigiCams. Unfortunately several methods can be used to talk with these devices, and only the SCSI command set is implemented so far. Moreover some devices have broken firmware and don't behave like expected in some cases (you will find these devices marked as "UNUSAL_DEVICE" in Linux source codes...).
If you consider buying a flash card reader please make sure it uses the correct protocol.

Known problems: broken firmware in many devices. See above.

Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
USB ZIP 250 iomega 1435 50 works power hungry
USB ZIP 100 iomega 1435 51 works power hungry
USB peerless iomega 1435 112 works USB hard drive
Portable Hard Drive iomega 1435 113 works USB hard drive
Maxtor USB Drive Maxtor 3401 12288 works USB hard drive
Maxtor USB Drive Maxtor 3401 12304 works USB hard drive
Jukebox Recorder 20 (*) Arcos 1451 96 works USB HDD + MP3 player
S35/S34 MP3 player Siemens 1155 4871 works MP3 player S34/S35 handy
USB Drive Shuttle Technology 1254 2 works USB hard drive
Hexamedia LaCie 1403 32 works multistandard
P-SD-USB-M2-BX PNY 1423 37648 works multistandard
LAKS memory ??? 3744 26627 works watch + MSD
Minidrive 128 IOMEGA 2284 17 works ---
Plug Drive Lexar 1500 128 works ---
BW11754 Bitwire 2314 5313 works ---
JetFlash EasyDisk 3190 5 works ---
Pocket Flash Drive Corega 1962 21 works ---
USB FlashDisk ??? 3793 26240 works ---
PConKey ??? 3744 26627 works ---
Cruzer SanDisk 1921 34952 works SD reader / memory
SmartMedia Reader Sonix 3141 4192 works ---
HandyDrive Apacer 3453 256 works ---
6in1 drive Sharkoon 3453 257 works ---
6in1 (IC1100) ICS 3546 1 works CMD10 -> CMD6 needed
FlashMate STM 1155 4871 works multistandard
MultiFlash Dura Micro 3083 19187 works multistandard
Snap Port 128MB Conceptronics 3744 26627 works ---
Solid State Disk TwinMos 3744 26627 works ---
MemoryBird Fujitsu 3453 256 works ---
SmartMedia R/W Hagiwara Sys-Com 1683 2 works ---
CF Reader Lexar 1500 2 works CF only
MultiCard Reader MCRW 3759 1 works multistandard
USB Storage Device Neodio 2796 20496 works multistandard
USB Reader Add-On Technology 576 3453 works ---
eUSB ORCA Quad Reader SCM Microsystems 1254 805 works ---
Hama traveldrive 6in1 Carry Computer 1996 512 works multistandard
Platinum reader Carry Computer 1996 513 works multistandard
USB Key Leading Driver 13922 25345 works ---
JetFlash EasyDisk 3190 5 works 64MB version
MP3 Pen MP30X DRIVER 1647 32768 works 128MB + MP3 player
eUSB MMC Adapter SCM 1254 6 works ---
Nomad MuVo Creative Labs 1054 16646 works ---
C3100/C3020Z Olympus 1972 261 works digicam + MSD
C4100/C4000Z Olympus 1972 261 works digicam + MSD
C5050Z Olympus 1972 261 works digicam + MSD
C2Z, D520Z, C220Z Olympus 1972 258 works digicam + MSD
DSC E775 Nikon 1200 262 works digicam + MSD
HandyCam Sony 1356 46 works digicam + MSD
DSC U20 Sony 1356 16 works digicam + MSD
Camcorder DigiCam Sharp / Lexar Media 1500 4119 works digicam + MSD
Dimage Minolta 1670 16395 works digicam + MSD
photosmart 130 HP 1008 14594 works digicam + MSD
KD 310Z Konica 1224 1830 works digicam + MSD
6900Z Fuji 100 1227 unknown digicam + MSD ?
USB Floppy Teac 1604 0 fails ---
USB Zip CD iomega 1435 80 fails under investigation
QV 4000 Casio 1999 4097 fails under investigation
QV 5700 Casio 1999 4866 fails under investigation
photosmart 320 HP 1008 26114 fails under investigation
DC265 Kodak 1034 273 vendor specific ---
C-2100 Ultra Zoom Olympus 1972 256 vendor specific ---
ZIO reader Shuttle 1254 4112 vendor specific ---
USB to Memory Stick R/W DataFab System Inc. 1988 41223 vendor specific ---
Soligor CR102 Carry Computer Eng. 1996 13 vendor specific ---
USBXChange Adaptec 1011 8192 vendor specific ---
Multimedia Audio Player Diamond 1114 20481 vendor specific ---
MSAC-US1 Sony 1356 45 no SCSI emu ---
(*) only USB2.0 versions; the USB1.1 versions are unusual devices


Support for these devices cannot be given by class drivers but special third party software.
Unfortunately nearly all digital cameras use vendor specific routines to access the internal memory area. Anyhow there's a new class of digicams entering the market: they can either be used as "vendor specific" device or as mass storage device. In the latter case these devices can be used just like a flash card reader with Poseidon massstorage.class (tested, please see above).

A very promising software is vhi Studio developped by Felix Schwarz. A list of already supported cameras can be found there. If your digicam is not listed, please contact Felix Schwarz on driver availability.

As always, there's one exception to the rule: Chris Hodges has programmed a small dedicated driver for following cameras (and compatible ones with same camera control chip):

Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
micromaxx USB Camera STM 1363 514 works ---
USB Tower Lego 1684 1 works need NCQ
Trust Spycam 100plus STM 1363 514 works ---
MD5139 Tevion (Sunplus) 1276 20554 no driver vendor specific
USB Camera LogiTech 1133 2160 no driver vendor specific


Support for these devices will not be given by class drivers but special third party software.
Although there's a class definition for scanner like devices we have not encountered a single scanner supporting it. USB scanners normally use vendor specific routines just like digicams.

Felix Schwarz of IOSPIRIT offers a good commercial software package, which also supports several USB scanners.
A list of supported scanners is available and is being updated as work progresses. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact Felix Schwarz directly.


Name Manufacturer MID PID Status Comment
Elsa Modem Board Elsa 1484 8805 works ---
56k V.92 USB STM 1155 30036 no driver ---
MicroLink 56k Fun USB EU Elsa AG 1484 8832 no driver ---
V.90 modem Conexant 1394 4658 no driver ---

General hints

Anyhow, there are some devices to be aware of:

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