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Mounting help for Delfina / DENEB

The Delfina can be operated on the DENEB clockport without major problems. A firmware upgrade for the DENEB is needed anyhow. Please contact our support if you are interested.
For stable operation an additional grounding cable has to be attached between DENEB and Delfina. Connection points can be seen on the picture below in detail.

Please note:

if anything is unclear regarding installation of the Delfina on the DENEB, please contact our support before "playing around". This may lead to hardware damages on both Delfina and DENEB.

It is recommended to install Delfina software before making any hardware changes.
For the first test the Delfina should only be connected with the clockport cable, any additional cabling (like audio cables) are not recommended. The additional GND cable should also be removed.

Delfina on a DENEB
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Additional mounting help for Buddha and Xsurf

Connecting the SUBWAY to the Buddha IDE controller or the Xsurf network card from individual computers is for some customers sometimes a riddle, as the documentation of both cards lacks information on the clockport orientation. Due to help from an active user of the SUBWAY (which was confronted with exactly this problem) we can now offer extended information on the correct connection between SUBWAY and both cards mentioned.

Both diagrams were carefully checked. As E3B has no influence on the technical specification of products manufactured by individual computer and may not be informed about product changes we can not take any guarantee on the correctness of both diagrams.
In case of questions (left open by the enclosed documentation) please don't hesitate to contact us by mail.

Additional mounting help for the Amiga 1200 Desktop

Why should I read the manual ?

The SUBWAY is delivered with a comprehensive manual describing the hardware installation of the module into the Amiga 1200 in detail. Please read this manual carefully before starting the installation. If any questions are still open, please clarify these before going on.

The SUBWAY is not suited to "test" the correct orrientation of the clockport connector.
Just to give you an impression of what can happen if you don't follow the manual:

How not to do it
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Does this beast fit into my Amiga at all ?

As many requests came from you the last weeks on how to mount the SUBWAY in the AMiga 1200, we decided to give you a helping hand in this issue.

The SUBWAY fits without problems into the desktop housing of the Amiga 1200, as long as no other expansion modules occupy the needed space.
You will need approx. 12cm free space left of the floppy drive, free access to the clockport (also left of the floppy) and some space to get the USB cables from the housing to the outside.

As SUBWAY is (in contrast to other brand modules) completely isulated by heat shrinking hose, you won't experience any short circuiting situations - as long as the hose is not damaged. So take care of it while mounting the SUBWAY.

Connecting to the clockport

Connection of the SUBWAY is done by a 10cm flat ribbon cable. You will find a detailed description on how to disassemble your Amiga 1200 for mounting the SUBWAY in your manual (enclosed in your package). Please consult also your computer's manual.

Now for the details: here's a SUBWAY connected to the clockport

Connection to thelockport I
(Click for enlarged view)

In the lower left corner you can see the Kickstart ROMs, above is the clockport with connected flat ribbon cable. Keyboard was removed for this picture.
USB cables are directed out of the housing below the disk drive through the (very often unused) opening in the backside of the Amiga 1200. You can insert the cables easily without dismounting the disk drive by removing the cover of the outlet on the backside and inserting the USB cables from outside.

Same details, other angle of view:

Connecting the clockport II
(Click for enlarged view)

Depending on your already installed expansion modules (here a 1230 IV) you might need to look for another possibility to get the USB cables out of the computer.


And the keyboard ?

No problem at all. SUBWAY does fit perfectly beneath the A1200 desktop keyboard. We made quite efforts to get the smallest sized USB controller for Amiga Classic which is available.

Keyboard I
(Click for enlarged view)

Keyboard II
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Please take care of these points:

Any questions left open ?

Should questions arise (despite the fact that you have read our manual describing the installation in detail) please feel free to contact us by mail.
We try to help you as fast as possible in any case.

If you have any questions regarding our USB and ethernet products, then please contact us.

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